Silvia Johnson and the Cool Parenting Motion in America

Silvia Johnson and the Cool Parenting Motion in America


Being a mother or father is the toughest job you'll by no means get a paycheck for. Actually, I feel earlier than you may turn into a mother or father it’s best to take a Parenting Equivalency Check (PET). In any case, parenting is a very powerful job on the planet, satirically anybody is usually a mother or father, however everybody will not be certified to mother or father. Many mother and father can’t put collectively a cohesive thought not to mention educate their children methods to succeed. I feel its high-time the USA Authorities begins issuing parental licenses. If you can’t discover your state on a map you shouldn’t be allowed to pro-create.

We should always spherical up horrible mother and father and sterilize them instantly. The offspring of horrible mother and father ought to every be given a free faculty schooling, a get out of jail free card, voodoo dolls within the likeness of their mother and father and a bag of needles. It's not these youngsters's fault that they had been born earlier than the PET program was launched. It's our fault. We allowed dumb mother and father to bear youngsters.

No financial savings account? No children.
No diploma? No boom-boom.
Didn’t end your GED? Don’t end.

I feel you get my level.

I'm solely half-joking. I don’t need the federal government regulating parenting, however it’s essential to admit there are quite a lot of idiots elevating children. Take the mother and father of a few of my daughters pals as an illustration:

"I want you had been like my pals mother and father ….:"

"What do you imply?"

"They let her smoke and drink so long as she doesn’t do it in entrance of them"

"I assume I'll by no means be cool as a result of if I catch you utilizing medication or alcohol I'm grounding you for three months"

What’s cool mother or father precisely? The phrases cool and mother or father ought to by no means seem in the identical sentence. This brings me to Silvia Johnson. You probably have not heard of Silvia Johnson let me convey you in control. Silvia Johnson is the so-called "cool mother" who held events for teenage boys nearly weekly between October 2003 and October 2004. This horrible mother and hazard to society, offered medication and alcohol to eight boys and had intercourse with 5 of them. On November 15th, in line with CNN, this "cool mother" was despatched to 30 years, to which she in all probability replied, "not cool dude".

Let's see how cool Ms. Johnson is when she steps out of jail in 2035 in an orange jumpsuit and flip-flops.

Good ole Silvia Johnson is a major instance of parenting gone incorrect. Method incorrect.

I'm a great dad. I present meals, shelter and construction for my youngsters. My daughter is barely 15; who cares if she thinks I'm cool? My daughter needs what all youngsters need: freedom. It's my job to not give it to her. These are the principles of parenting.

I can’t permit my daughter to screw up her life on my watch. When she turns into 21 or I'm lifeless she could be free, till then I'm the sheriff and her freedom should be earned. Should you ask me, my daughter's pals may use some good parenting as an alternative of this so known as new age "cool parenting". Cool parenting is simply one other phrase for child-neglect and child-attachment.

Name me old style, however I nonetheless imagine underage ingesting and drug experimentation don’t have any place within the dwelling, it must be achieved the place its all the time achieved, at school .


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