The Dolls Of Armand Marseille Doll Firm


Popularly often known as top-of-the-line producers of bisque head dolls, Armand Marseille Firm had been manufacturing from 1885 till 1950 in Thuringia, Germany. The brainchild of the corporate was Herman who was a son of an architect and was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1856. His household immigrated to Germany after 1860. Herman then bought the Mathias Lambert’s toy firm in 1884 and afterward acquired Liebermann & Wegescher’s porcelain manufacturing facility in Koppelsdorf within the 12 months 1885.

In keeping with historic figures, the corporate had manufactured round 1,000 bisque doll heads per day from the 12 months 1900’s to the 1930’s. They made child, youngster, character, and woman dolls with both painted or glass eyes. The corporate additionally used different supplies for the our bodies akin to composition and material our bodies. Nevertheless, the doll our bodies they’ve used for his or her merchandise had been produced by different doll makers however had been nonetheless of excellent high quality.

For many who need to get a reference of the dolls produced by Armand Marseille, listed below are simply a number of the dolls that had been popularly launched:

1) Floradora (1894) – The doll has a marking “Made in Germany/AM/Armand Marseille” with the mould quantity 370. The doll measured 19 to 20 inches tall, had a material physique with a pair of glass eyes, and a barely opened mouth.

2) Magnificence, Jubilee, Queen Louise, Majestic, and Princess (1894) – These are simply a number of the names used for the dolls that had composition our bodies with bisque shoulder head. The markings on the dolls had been “AM/DEP/Made in Germany” with their mould numbers.

three) Child Betty / Character Child – The doll sometimes had the marking “Germany A.M. DGRM or DRMR with the mould quantity 231 beside it. The bisque head doll had glass eyes, painted eyelashes, wig, and bent and jointed child limb physique.

four) Child Phyllis – This child doll had a material physique, bisque shoulder head, and the decrease arms had been partially composition. Different character child dolls had been named Ellar, Melitta, and Child Gloria. These dolls would both have straight legs or bent child limbs.

5) Googly eye (1920) – This bisque head doll with a pair of facet glancing rounded eyes and it measured 12 inches tall. The doll mould numbers are 200, 210, 240, 241, 253, and 323.

6) Simply Me (1925) – The doll had sleep eyes and painted eyelashes. It measured 7.5 to 13 inches tall and the mould numbers are 310 and 318. For the avid Vogue doll collectors, sure, these dolls had been additionally offered by the Vogue Doll Firm.


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Do not Fall For These 5 Demonic Possession Myths


On account of a number of films in recent times about demonic possession and exorcisms, the topics have gained in reputation.

Are they fictitious notions, merely a part of a scary Hollywood storyline? 25 years in the past, we thought so and naively assumed that when it comes to non secular vitality, solely God and optimistic vitality existed.

However after learning metaphysics for over 25 years and performing what we name Religious Detox (which has similarities to a depossession with out the non secular terminology, usually of Latin origin, of a Catholic exorcism) on ourselves and plenty of others, we’re satisfied darkish vitality and demons exist.

Misunderstandings in regards to the topic abound. Once we learn that Roman Catholic monks in Poland are launching the world’s first month-to-month journal about exorcisms, we had been hopeful that it might assist make clear the problems.

Sadly, we imagine the journal might do extra hurt than good. Listed below are 5 possession myths that the monks perpetuate within the technique of discussing their new journal.

1) The rise within the variety of possessions is because of an increase in capitalism and the occult. Blaming capitalism or the occult for extra possessions is like blaming dying on residing life or weight problems on consuming; it relies upon how you reside and what and the way a lot you eat.

In the event that they skilled the occult (which solely means “hidden data”) firsthand as a substitute of counting on rumour stemming from paranoid zealotry that dates again to the bloodthirsty Inquisition, they’d uncover that fortune-telling, together with tarot playing cards, astrology, numerology and different varieties, isn’t harmful and there’s no danger of possession from these historical non secular instruments. In actual fact, scary films pose extra danger.

Ouija boards and channeling can entice mischievous entities, however they’re simply prevented if one is aware of what they’re doing, and we don’t advocate novices use them. We advise avoiding black magic and spells, which current way more danger.

2) A depossession or exorcism ought to solely be carried out by a priest. There are numerous people who find themselves not monks who often carry out profitable depossessions. One of many extra profitable individuals on this subject is Sue Allen of the UK.

Non secular exorcisms observe a conventional course of that, at instances, recklessly forged out demons. We and others who do comparable deposession work imagine this may be harmful as a result of the entity can get lost and possess another person. As a substitute, we name in Angels of the Mild to assist information the troublemakers to the Mild.

three) “Genuine exorcism is completely freed from cost.” What the priest means is that genuine exorcism by monks is free. There are numerous professionals who can take away misplaced souls or darkish vitality however since they do that for a residing and do not have the help of a multi-billion greenback non secular enterprise behind them, in fact they should cost for his or her companies.

Sadly, there exist unscrupulous psychics who will inform a consumer unhealthy vitality is inflicting their misfortune, and that they’ll take away it for 1000’s of , then do little or no to repair the alleged downside. Keep away from them.

four) “Possession comes because of committing evil. Stealing, killing, and different sins.” In our expertise, we have discovered it is the reverse; one doesn’t all the time develop into possessed from “sinning” (although it is attainable), however those that are stealing, mendacity, or killing generally are possessed. We have found that individuals can develop into possessed from drug use, alcohol abuse, excessive feelings, bodily or sexual abuse, and surgical procedure.

5) Psychological sickness isn’t the identical as possession. We have discovered that psychological imbalances are sometimes brought on or made worse by entity attachment or possession, particularly in very delicate people. Sadly, many psychological well being specialists ridicule the concept of possession, but satirically, normally know little in regards to the topic.

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What Is a Banishing Spell and How Do You Carry out Them?


Banishing spells are incantations that you should use to do away with an enemy or different undesirable individuals in addition to eliminating damaging power and even evil. Negativity can present itself as uncommon damaging ideas, materials issues reminiscent of authorized and tax issues in addition to troublesome roommates or co-workers. A banishing incantation may help flip negativity into constructive power so the state of affairs might be resolved. In case you are planning to make use of these spells, be certain that to take action with discrimination since you do not need to intrude with the workings of free will.

Whereas banishing spells normally take the type of a chant or incantation that’s spoken aloud, utilizing instruments reminiscent of banishing ointments in addition to candles may help the witch enhance their focus in order that the spell turns into more practical. These spells can also grow to be extra highly effective when accomplished throughout explicit instances, reminiscent of when the moon is waning, throughout Halloween or the in-between instances reminiscent of simply earlier than daybreak or at midnight. If the topic of the spell is an individual, of the particular person can also be used when performing the spell. However if you cannot get an image, an object or a clay illustration will likely be adequate.

One other vital aspect of banishing spells is salt, sea salt particularly. Salt is acknowledged as a component that may soak up power and is well destroyed after the spell is carried out so as to destroy the damaging power. For instance, in case you are doing a banishing incantation to do away with an sickness, you possibly can throw salt into a hearth after which gaze into the flames, imagining that the illness is leaving you. Whereas visualizing the sickness leaving, chant out loud an affirmation reminiscent of Good Well being Returns, Sickness Leaves. This spell can be utilized not simply to learn your self but additionally a pal or liked one.

Readability supported by consideration to element can also be vital to think about when doing banishing spells. Needless to say, similar to any spell, banishing incantations can backfire even when carried out with the very best of intentions. So you want to be very clear as to what you need to obtain so as to stop undesirable penalties. A banishing can also be more practical when it’s carried out with a selected finish in thoughts, reminiscent of wanting a roommate to depart, reasonably than asking for them to be eliminated, which can outcome within the each of you being evicted out of your residence. One method to obtain that is to write down down simply what you need to be resolved on a small piece of paper after which burn it utilizing a candle whereas imagining the difficulty going away.

Lastly, when crafting banishing spells, try to be cautious that its results don’t hurt anybody or, as already talked about, trigger an individual to behave towards their will. You must craft spells in such a method that they trigger occasions to unfold naturally in order to resolve the difficulty, which ends up in fewer damaging repercussions coming again to you.


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Balinese Masks – Non secular Power Behind



Bali is an island, which all through the ages has been influenced by many different cultures. Whereas Bali’s spiritual root stems from animism and ancestral worship, Hindu mythology and Buddhism have been main influences. Nevertheless, no matter what they have been practising, one issue has all the time remained fixed: “Life in Bali is ruled by faith” . Due to this fact, it comes as no shock that the artwork of masks making derived as a spiritual act, moderately than a quest to create aesthetic magnificence. Masks thus give type to godly and chthonic forces and are utilized in theatrical performances to show variations of Indian Sanskrit Texts . As well as, theatrical masks dances are used for, “planting and harvest celebrations and at occasions of transition within the lives of people and communities”. Masks dances, corresponding to Topeng, additionally focus on politics of the previous and current, and morals. I’ll additional focus on the masked dances in one other part of this text.

Theatre in Bali, Indonesia is greater than a distinguished self-discipline; it’s a efficiency entwined with each day life. Theatre, like all artwork, is part of the faith and tradition in Bali; thus all Balinese take part in artwork indirectly. Moreover, music, dance, costumes, and drama aren’t separate entities, however moderately items of Balinese Theatre that depend on one another to attain their final goal: Creating unity and concord between the three worlds. On this article, I’m going to debate Balinese masks and the religious-socio-cultural function they play in Balinese Theatre.

Balinese Beliefs & Mythology

The Bali Hindu faith, the inspiration of the ordered Balinese society, pervades each side of life. Bali Hinduism, which has root in Indian Hinduism and in Buddhism, adopted the animistic traditions of the indigenes, who inhibited the island across the first millennium BC. This affect strengthened the idea that the gods and goddesses are current in all issues. Each component of nature, due to this fact, possesses its personal energy, which displays the facility of the gods. A rock, tree, dagger, or woven material is a possible house for spirits whose power will be directed for good or evil. Nevertheless, even artwork store masks, these wooden masks made in an unconsecrated assembly-line method to be bought to vacationer, have been recognized to grow to be possessed. A former director of Bali’s Artwork Middle has a concise rationalization: “If you happen to make a horny house, somebody will wish to stay in it.” A fascinating proposition

In response to Bali Hinduism, for each constructive precept or constructive drive there’s an equally highly effective damaging forces. These are typically known as forces of the suitable (excessive) and forces of the left (low). The 2 components ideally coexist in steadiness in order that neither assumes an excessive amount of energy. Sustaining this precarious equilibrium is a continuing preoccupation for the Balinese, who put together day by day choices to satiate the spirits and preserve them beneath management in addition to plead for blessings.

Choices, or banten, range in response to the character of the ceremony and whether or not they’re supposed for a excessive or low spirit. They could include mixture of incense, flowers, previous Chinese language cash, cloth, betel nuts, arak (liquor), holy water, palm-leaf ornament, and meals. The meals shouldn’t be really meant to be eaten by the gods however capabilities as means by which the individuals give again what rightfully belongs to the spirits. Essentially the most important second within the lifetime of providing is its dedication. After that, what occurs to it’s important. Consequently, choices to low spirit, that are left on the bottom, are often scavenged by chickens or canine. The bigger choices to excessive spirits are taken again to the household house after residing for some time on the temple, and the edible elements are then consumed by members of the family.

Balinese temples, embellished with an ornamental show of stones carvings, include breezy, open air courtyards, surrounded by a wall and entered by a big break up gate. As soon as inside the doorway is a free standing wall (aling-aling). Past the wall is a big, open space with many small shrines of assorted sizes, every devoted to a special god or goddess. At temple festivals, the usually somber shrines are extremely embellished, and worshippers come to wish and dedicate their choices, then retire to speak with pals. A competition is a extremely social event, culminating in a stay efficiency of masks dance or puppets introduced for all to enjoy-local villagers and visitors in addition to the spirits of visiting deities and ancestors, and even an occasional vacationers.

The dance and masks dramas which can be carried out on the temples as a part of the odalan are thought-about vital choices to the god and goddess. The deities can be hesitant to attend any birthday celebration the place there isn’t any leisure. A masks dancer makes an providing of his abilities every time he performs, in some circumstances serving in a capability related o a priest. Wali dances, these permitted to happen within the internal sanctum of the temple advanced, are directed towards the deified ancestors, who’re honored visitors, and are usually concerned with spirits moderately than plot, character, or story.

Balinese Masks Efficiency

Masks performances have been vital rituals on the Indonesian island of Bali for over a thousand years. Though many ancients societies used picket masks to rejoice their religions, Bali is among the few locations the place the ritual artwork has by no means disappeared and is, in reality, thriving. Wooden carvers are producing extra stunning and extra elaborate wooden masks than ever, and 1000’s of individuals worldwide acquire these compelling objects. The proliferation of Balinese artists and efficiency teams signifies that the tiny island is present process a cultural renaissance, the centerpiece of which is the tapel-the stunning Balinese masks.

Masks could symbolize gods, animals, demons, or people and will be entire masks or half masks relying on the dance they’re used for. Masks may also be sacred or non-sacred relying on their goal and preparation. As a result of the paranormal theatre in Bali has captured the eye of so many foreigners to the land, non-sacred masks are made abundantly on the market. Nevertheless, the perfect of the masks carvers haven’t deserted their calling to create the sacred, consecrated masks once they have a “feeling” to take action.

The Balinese classify the masks of heroes, clowns, and low spirits in response to their qualities. The dashing heroes (typically incarnation of gods), stunning queens, and virtuous kings are describe as halus, a Balinese phrase which means “candy,” “light,” and “refined.” Low spirits, animals, and brutish sorts, together with antagonist kings, are known as keras, or “sturdy,” “tough,” and “forceful.” There are specific distinctions in between, which often embody the clowns and servants.

The three kinds of wooden masks utilized in these dramas depict people, animals, and demons. Human-looking masks will be full face or three-quarter face (extending to the higher lip), or can have a movable jaw. They’re anticipated to resemble sure character sorts moderately than particular individuals. Heroes and heroines are stereotypically good-looking, with refined options matched b the actions of the dancers. The coarser a personality is, he extra exaggerated the options are: eyes bulge, mouths and noses thicken, and enamel grow to be fangs. Shade can be employed to disclose character of masks.

Animal masks are mythological moderately than life like. Aware of the excellence between people and animal, the Balinese emphasize the distinction by designing animal wooden masks that appear intently associated to demons, even for magically highly effective and god-related animals just like the heroic and pleasant Hanuman, the white monkey of the Ramayana epic. Birds, cows, and even frogs have gaping mouths and horrendous protruding fangs. Protuberant eyes with black pupils stare from golden irises in masks that may hardly be referred to as engaging regardless of elaborate crowns and earrings.

Maybe probably the most thrilling wooden masks are these of the witches and what are referred to as low spirits. The low spirits, who will be troublesome if no appeased, are typically describe by Westeners as demons. That is inaccurate, since low spirits have energy to carry out good deads and supply safety. The Balinese don’t separate the supernatural from the pure. The spirit world is a residing drive that have to be acknowledge and appeased by rituals and choices. As a result of the Balinese grant the masks powers that befit their roles and society, the masks of witches and low spirits are the most important and most grotesque of all conventional masks. The imposing wigs on most of those wooden masks amplify the pinnacle and stature of the wearer. A basket gadget hooked up inside the development holds it to the wearer’s head. For the reason that association is comparatively unstable, dancers typically regular their unwieldy wooden masks whereas they carry out.

In some elements of Bali, trance is a frequent a part of ritual; elsewhere, it’s nonexistent. In Calonarang and Barong masks dramas, trance is frequent. The subject material of those dramas is witchcraft, the supernatural, and the battle of constructive and adverse forces. The key characters, Durga, the Goddess of Loss of life as Rangda, and Barong Ket, Lord of the Jungle, battle with each ounce of magical energy they will harness, often assisted by armies.

Kerambitan in southwest Bali is among the areas recognized for extremely lively spirits and the frequencies of trance possession. A dancer who as soon as labored as director of Bali’s Artwork Middle tells a narrative concerning the Rangda and Barong masks of Kerambitan, his village: “Our priest had a dream that Rangda and Barong masks have to be a part of the village temple, so we had them created within the prescribed method. As soon as they have been dropped at their temple house, they started combating with one another whereas they have been inside their baskets. They created a lot noise and pressure that the masks needed to be separated.” Though the Rangda masks was moved to a different temple, the 2 masks nonetheless fought and the Rangda masks was moved to a different village. On the masks’s birthday, the day they have been each consecrated, they needed to be united within the temple once more. Rangda was introduced from the opposite village, displayed within the ceremony, after which instantly put away.

Balinese Masks With Supernatural Vitality

Masks are considered highly effective receptacles for wandering spirits. A picket masks full of divine power turns into tenget (metaphysically charged). Constructed from a specific wooden that’s reduce at particular occasions, tenget masks are usually related to a sure variety of rituals. Wood masks in a tenget state could lose a few of their particular power over time and have to be “recharged” in a particular ceremony Initiations of renewed or new masks, referred to as pasupati, can contain as many as ten days of feasting, performances of dance and Wayang Kulit (shadow puppets), cockfights, and processions. A excessive priest is named to officiate the precise second when the “physique” of the wooden masks separates from the “head” (spirit) and the god inhabiting the wooden masks is “despatched house”. After the newly vitalized masks is returned to the temple, one other set of ceremonies is held to ask the spirit again to the wooden masks. The highly effective masks of Durga, Goddess of Loss of life and Black magic, and typically referred to as Rangda is often examined to see if its energy continues to be burning. If explosions of fireside come from the eyes, ears, head, nostril, or mouth of the masks, it’s thought-about sakti (sacred or highly effective). It’s positioned within the village cemetery in the midst of the night time throughout an particularly auspicious time referred to as Kanjeng Kliwon Pamelastali, a strong time when spirits are current and have to be acknowledge with choices.

Sacred wooden masks are by no means displayed on partitions as artistic endeavors as in Western properties, however are stored in easy cloth luggage with drawstring tops. The colour of the bag is important-whether yellow, white, or black-and-white checked-because colour symbolism impacts the spirit of the wooden masks. As soon as encased within the luggage, the wooden masks are positioned in baskets, which in flip are saved throughout the temple advanced. If a wooden masks belongs to a person, it can most likely be stored contained in the household temple. Sacred wooden masks are solely displayed for his or her birthdays, which shall be aside of an odalan, or temple competition. Dancers unveil their wooden masks when commissioned to carry out at an odalan. Solely not often is a wooden masks uncovered as a way to be reconditioned: the paint refreshed, worm holes stuffed, and gold leaf touched up. That is by no means accomplished casually, however along side elaborate rituals.

Masks produced from the identical tree are felt to have household ties. When a tree produce a knot like development, it’s referred to as beling, which implies “pregnant.” Care is taken to not injury the tree, and when the reduce is made, a particular ceremony is held to appease the spirits of the tree. If these rituals aren’t adopted, a spiritually highly effective tree may use its power to trigger destruction. In Singapudu village, house of two Bali’s most famed woodcarvers, wooden is now not taken from an particularly tenget tree that grows on the fringe of the village. Two monks carried out the requisite ceremonies earlier than eradicating wooden, however inside per week each died of mysterious causes.


Via this temporary examination of Balinese Masked Performances, it turns into clear that the weather of theatre, the story, the masks, the efficiency, are all particular and require a lot preparation. Balinese masks which can be utilized in spiritual ceremonies have nice concentrations of energy and, due to this fact, have to be handled very rigorously. Woodcarving masks utilized in conventional dance and drama performances, even when not sacred, additionally should not be dealt with casually

It helps to grasp that to the Balinese, there’s not the identical differentiation that we within the West make between animate and inanimate objects. Every thing accommodates spirit. When you think about that a few of the woodcarving masks symbolize evil spirits, corresponding to Rangda, queen of the witches, or that some symbolize gods or legendary protectors, such because the Barong, it’s a large duty to put on these woodcarving masks and mix with these powers. That is often accomplished both in ceremonies or as a part of appearing out the nice dramas that derive principally from historic Hindu epics. In Bali, it’s customary that the dramas will finish with neither aspect “successful” out over the opposite – as a substitute, there’s a restoration of the concord between the nice and evil forces, which, in response to Balinese perception, have to be stored in steadiness.

When somebody from the West places on a masks, he is often pretending to be another person. However in Bali when somebody places on masks, particularly a sacred masks, he turns into another person. The masks has a life drive – a religious magic. A sacred masks is taken into account to be actually alive, and when the performer places it on, the masks’s energy additionally enters his physique. The Balinese world is full of magical energy. Objects that we as westerners would usually take into account to be devoid of the power to exert affect on different objects or individuals to them could possess a mystical drive.

By analyzing the craftsmanship of those masks, it’s crystalline why Bali is famed for its stunning masks and masked dance efficiency. To see a varied Wooden Carving Masks & Sculpture from Bali, please go to : []


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Indication of Evil and Demonic Possessions in Astrology


Evil and demonic possessions are the interference by earth-bound souls. There are two forms of possessions – one is because of a discarnate soul who interferes with a specific individual, and second is as a result of circumstances prevailing in a specific place, and which impacts any one that occurs to go there.

To understand a possession one wants some psychic powers. There are a selection of cases of astral interference in occult and spiritualistic world. By rigorously analysing one’s natal horoscope one could make an accurate analysis of the trigger and nature of the possession.

The place of the planets in a horoscope not solely serves as an assist to the analysis however is a vital information to remedy. A horoscope is to an occult therapist what an x-ray photograph is to a physician.

Elements Accountable For Possession

· Ascendant [its strength/weakness for general individual capabilities]

· Moon [for mental and emotional strength]

· Dragon head Rahu [for demonic interference]

· Mars [for violent and aggressive interference]

· Saturn [for evil and secret connections]

· sixth home [for cause and type of mental or physical illness]

Completely different mixtures for evil and demonic possessions

· Saturn and Rahu current within the quadrant point out possession or witch craft assault.

· Moon and Rahu current within the ascendant and Saturn and Mars current in fifth or ninth home signifies the native worship demonic or evil forces.

· Mars aspecting the ascendant and the sixth lord posited in 1st/seventh/10th home signifies that the native is affected by black magic or witchcraft.

· Ascendant’s lord and Mars are posited in ascendant or in quadrant point out evil psychic assault.

· Ascendant is of movable signal, Saturn current in seventh home, and the Moon is troubled by evil planet denotes interference of demonic and evil forces.


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Copper Bracelets – Do They Work? The Greatest Motive for Utilizing Copper Remedy


You may see lots of people sporting copper bangles. Why? For some, it is merely style – they like them. However many individuals put on copper bracelets as a result of they’ve heard that they assist loads with arthritis and rheumatic ache. I’ve met individuals who swear that they assist and others – most – who have not discovered any profit in any respect.

So who’s proper? The ‘sceptical’ majority or the ‘gullible’ few? The answer is not what you’d count on, as a result of they’re each proper! Let me clarify…

Why Copper Bracelets Do not Work

I am setting apart all of the arguments that copper bracelets have some magical affect in your physique, both from a reference to historical deities, or their ‘aura’, or some other metaphysical motive – as a result of it is basically not provable both approach. As an alternative, on this article, I am sticking to the science. And based on the science, the vast majority of individuals get no profit in any respect from sporting a copper bracelet, except you contemplate a unclean wrist a profit!

Let me clarify. What a copper bangle does for you is to supply a movie of copper salts on the pores and skin of your wrist. How a lot of the salts you get relies on how sweaty your wrist is and the way acid the sweat is – individuals fluctuate loads. The salts are often a unclean greenish black in color they usually’re of no therapeutic worth in any respect – except you are copper poor.

Now, most individuals get loads of copper of their weight loss plan, so will not want extra. So the bangle does nothing for them – as they discover out after they put on one. In fact, the ‘placebo impact’ works right here, because it all the time does. Some individuals will really feel a profit when it is acquired nothing to do with the bracelet. A proof of that is that many purchase bangles which ‘will not make your wrist black’ – in different phrases, they’re varnished or silver-plated on the within, the place the uncooked copper ought to contact your pores and skin. Any motion these might need shall be in your thoughts, whether or not imaginary or metaphysical.

When Copper Bracelets are REAL Magic

However there’s a minority of people that fairly clearly get advantages from sporting copper. They may placed on a bangle and inside every week will really feel significantly better: much less ache and fewer irritation of their joints. Why?

  • They’re copper poor – they can not extract sufficient from their meals (or they’ve a copper-poor weight loss plan, not going within the West), and
  • They’ve joint issues, which present as a rheumatic dysfunction like rheumatism or arthritis, and it is brought on by copper deficiency.

These individuals shall be calling copper therapy a ‘magical expertise’, as a result of their ache and swelling simply go away, or no less than, reduce, whereas they’re sporting a copper bracelet. For them, it really works!

The reason being easy – their our bodies want copper they usually cannot get it from their meals, so the copper they want for well being is absorbed by their pores and skin. The bracelet is performing as a pores and skin patch, in the identical approach as a medicine patch is utilized by your physician. In actual fact, you do not want a bangle – any naked copper merchandise pressed in opposition to your pores and skin will work. An previous treatment was to wind copper wire spherical your knuckles.

Let’s be clear about this – for those who’re not in want of copper, there is no profit. But when your physique craves copper, the bangle will present it so long as the within of the bracelet, in opposition to your pores and skin, is naked copper. And the result’s magic!

It does not should be pure copper – a copper-containing coin or brass merchandise will work. In actual fact, most copper bracelets are a copper-zinc alloy, for power and since zinc does not give the allergic response that some individuals get from nickel, the opposite frequent alloying steel – suppose cupro-nickel cash, that we often name ‘silver’.

The Greatest Motive to Strive a Copper Bracelet

So when you have some sort of rheumatic criticism, it have to be worthwhile making an attempt this straightforward and innocent remedy alongside the rest. Only a week with an inexpensive copper bangle (or borrow one!) will let you know whether or not it’ll be helpful – the outcomes kick in that quick for those who want the copper, however there will be no outcome for those who do not, apart from having to clean off the black deposits out of your wrist.

I take advantage of and promote the perfect magnetic bracelets available on the market, Bioflow (as a result of they use the hospital-type flux-changing methodology) – and other people typically purchase them for arthritis or rheumatism. When individuals ask me whether or not copper is best, I all the time give the identical reply:

“Strive an inexpensive copper bangle for every week and see if it relieves your ache. If it does, it could not offer you all of the allow you to want – there are numerous other forms of arthritis than copper-deficiency, and you’ll have multiple on the identical time. So for those who’re nonetheless in ache after the week’s trial, come again to me.”


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Appeal to the Supernormal Powers by Invoking the Sacred Flame From the Temple of Isis and Osiris


Invoking the sacred flame ritual from the temples of Isis and Osiris within the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is among the most potent types of meditation. Historic Egyptians know the artwork of releasing the hidden greater religious powers of the human psyche by means of invocation and ritual.

Isis is a primordial goddess of common energy thought of as divine mom and lord of fertility and Osiris her husband and brother thought of to be the Solar god and the guardian of loss of life.

The sacred flame ritual from the temple of Isis and Osiris is the miracle energy primarily based on the true religion. The latent energy of your greater self is launched once you imagine in miracles. The magical energy of religion helps in triggering the super energy of the unconscious thoughts. It infuses your greater thoughts with the ability of religion which may heal you of any unfavorable situation in your life

When to make use of the sacred flame ritual

· This mediation is used for fixing the issues and overcoming challenges of life, illness, worries, anxiousness, dangerous habits, lack of cash and prosperity.

· Manifesting your goals and aspirations of recent job, personal home, monetary safety

· To attain fulfilment in love and marriage and discover your soul mate.

· To take away the undesirable individuals, obstacles, disagreeable circumstances out of your life.

· To lift the inspiration for inventive work like portray, writing, singing, composing inventing and many others.

· Offering divine protections towards psychic assaults, witchcraft and black magic

· Performing miracle therapeutic for you, your mates and family members for various bodily and psychological illnesses.

· To enhance your character and turn out to be extra magnetic and engaging.

· To attain religious consciousness and self realization

Sacred Flame Ritual Define

· Materials wanted: a small urn [vessel], a candle, some incenses, items of clean papers, and a pen.

· A quiet and a darkish room is used as a sacred shrine of Egypt. Even have incense or different perfume, which helps the psycho-neurons centres to attain a state of elevated consciousness.

· Earlier than beginning the meditation on the sacred flame, write down your requests on the small items of papers [use only 5-6 pieces at a time].The request needs to be transient and to the purpose.

– I need a new job with the month-to-month wage of 10,000$

– I want my very own three bedrooms flat in an residence in a complicated locality of the town

– I want to stop the dangerous behavior of smoking, consuming or playing

– I want marriage with [name of the person]

– I want to entice my true soul mate

– I want to take away the interference of [name of the person] in my workplace or house.

– I want to regulate my blood strain and blood sugar

– I want to dissolves my uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts

– I want greater religious consciousness.

· After you’ve briefly listed your requests, method the burning candle with the items of papers in your fingers.

· You might then learn the invocation of the sacred flame, which comes from the holy inscriptions discovered on the partitions of temples of Isis and Osiris.

“I now method to the sacred shrine within the temple of Isis and Osiris to ask for help of upper religious forces. I now consign to the sacred flame these goals, aspiration and needs, inscribed on these items of, asking that they manifested by means of inventive spirit.

Now learn the paper one after the other, mild them one after the other and drop them into the urn letting them to catch hearth.

I now launch the inventive energy of the sacred flame to burn away all of the obstacles and obstructions that stand within the path of reaching my goal, goals and needs. I now have full religion that these needs and requests shall be Manifesting on the earth to satisfy my future.”

· When the flames have fully died out solely charred ashes stays, crumble them up and take away them in a bit of paper to disposed them away from your own home.

· Repeat the potent ritual after three weeks, giving the divine forces sufficient time to carry your needs in manifestation.

· Typically the paranormal energy works directly and a while it takes longer, relying on the extent of the religion, the appliance of the precise methodology and the character of your request.





Source by Geeta Jha

Feng-Shui Magic: Can Merely Altering the Shade of Your Primary Entry Door Really Change Your Luck?



A few years in the past, I developed a curiosity about Feng-Shui. I wasn’t actually certain about it, and far of what I learn was complicated, sophisticated, and contradictory. (A number of completely different faculties of Feng-Shui exist; and every has its personal “guidelines”, which might be at odds with these of one other faculty). Sooner or later, whereas searching the Web, I stumbled on an article whose title jumped out at me. I do not keep in mind it precisely, nevertheless it was one thing like “When Ought to Your Entrance Door Not Be Painted Crimson?”

I had a purple door! And up till then, a lot of what I had learn promoted the concept of portray the entrance door purple — a really auspicious coloration since it’s related to wealth, energy, and happiness. And the entrance door (or extra importantly, the primary door used most by the household even when it is not on the entrance of the house) is especially necessary in Feng-Shui. It’s thought of the “Mouth of Chi” or vitality. And clearly you need the vitality getting into your property to be good vitality (that’s, luck), not unhealthy.

I completely liked my purple door. It was a beautiful deep shade of purple that completely matched the colour of the shutters on my house. And but, I started to marvel… my husband had been struggling to discover a decent-paying job in his discipline; and I used to be completely sad and caught in a job that was additionally not paying as a lot because it ought to. We have been actually having cash points. Since a purple door was positively not “working” for us, perhaps there was one thing to this!

In response to the article, though it is true that many critical practitioners of Feng-Shui do paint their most important door purple due to its highly effective affiliation with wealth, it’s way more necessary to pick out a coloration based mostly on the path your door faces. In my case, it was North, which in Feng-Shui, is related to the water factor. Water colours embody blue and black.

Apparently sufficient, I had been toying with the concept of portray my entrance door a shiny black for a while. I had fallen in love with the look whereas perusing numerous house adorning magazines. However I actually did not have the nerve. Nobody in our neighborhood or circle of mates had a black door. It appeared considerably radical. And I knew that what works nicely in a high-end journal shoot would not all the time translate nicely in actual life.

However the article’s premise intrigued me. I made a decision to go forward and paint my door black. The worst that might occur can be that I might completely hate the colour. And that might be fastened simply sufficient by re-painting.

My Expertise

So though it was a chilly November weekend, I went forward and did it. Thankfully, there was a glass storm door that offered some safety from the chilly. The entrance door opened inward into the lobby, and I had an area heater to assist me preserve heat. And earlier than I even acquired the primary coat of black completed, I knew I liked it! It was precisely the wealthy, elegant, gorgeous look I might seen within the magazines — and it regarded nice on my door. It even complemented the purple of the shutters.

As I completed placing the second coat on late Sunday afternoon, I playfully thought to myself, “OK, I’m wondering how lengthy it can take for my luck to vary”. I actually wasn’t very critical about it, as I used to be simply extra thrilled that the door had turned out so nicely.


The following morning, I had been at work for perhaps 20 minutes when my cellphone rang. It was our HR division telling me I had gained 2nd prize in our in-house United Means Prize Drawing… a flat display screen TV! Now, I had by no means gained a lot of something earlier than in my life and had not even significantly thought of that I would win a prize on this drawing since I by no means had in my 16 years of working there and we’ve over 3500 workers. And curiously sufficient, my husband and I had been wanting a flat display screen TV, however could not actually afford to purchase one on the time.

And our “luck” actually did not cease there — though different outcomes weren’t fairly as putting. These included simply discovering prime parking areas, even at a super-crowded occasion with overflow parking solely. And our favourite restaurant that day was over-booked and troublesome to get into. We have been placed on standby however nonetheless “managed” to acquire a desk for the six of us by a window overlooking an idyllic scene. And for a few yr or so after that, every thing appeared to “movement” very simply for us; even to this present day, a number of years later, we do usually appeared “blessed” on this regard.

However did we change into on the spot millionaires? No we didn’t. And though I do not maintain Feng-Shui completely answerable for this, I do know that it’s a particularly sophisticated science and there are various, many issues that may in the end have an effect on your luck. I am nonetheless very a lot a novice and nonetheless have many extra modifications to make.

However, this was sufficient to point out me that there actually is one thing to this, and I will proceed my research and experimentation. I supply the record under, based mostly alone analysis, with a disclaimer that I’m not an skilled, and that it’s best to do your personal analysis as nicely. Remember that you will see that many, many contradictory statements relating to Feng-Shui. (I’ve since discovered just a few articles on the Web stating north-facing door must be painted purple… however I am not altering mine! Thankfully, most promote a black door). Additionally remember that there are fairly just a few charlatans and people passing themselves off as consultants who aren’t.

Solutions for Door Colours

The primary rule can be to decide on a coloration you like and that enhances your property. Definitely it might not be good “chi” when you hate the colour of your most important door. That may make you sad. However if you would like to experiment with this Feng-Shui thought of portray your most important door based mostly on compass path with a view to improve your luck, an inventory of the instructions and their related colours is obtainable under. You may all the time change the colour again once more when you do not prefer it — or when you’re not pleased with the “luck” you obtain!

  • North: Water colours (Shades of Blue or Black)
  • Northeast: Earth colours (Shades of Brown, Beige, Terracotta, Ochre, or Peach)
  • East: Wooden colours (Shades of Inexperienced or Brown)
  • Southeast: Wooden colours (Shades of Inexperienced or Brown)
  • South: Hearth Colours (Shades of Crimson, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, or Maroon)
  • Southwest: Earth colours (Shades of Brown, Beige, Terracotta, Ochre, or Peach)
  • West: Steel Colours (Shades of White, Grey, Gold, Silver, or Copper )
  • Northwest: Steel Colours (Shades of White, Grey, Gold, Silver, or Copper)


Source by Linda Stevens Jones

Sexual Hauntings 2 – How To Get Rid Of An Incubus Or Succubus


Are you experiencing unusual sexual assaults at night time, in your mattress, from an unseen pressure? Are you changing into scared to go to mattress now for worry of a recurrence of those horrible assaults? In that case, then it’s a robust risk that you’ve both an incubus (if you happen to’re feminine) or a succubus (if you happen to’re male) haunting your home. You due to this fact have to take pressing steps to do away with this entity. Divine Deliverance and Non secular Warfare are the one weapons that may be employed to cease the incubus and succubus.

However how do you really do away with such a formidable and scary demon utterly?

Effectively, the very first thing you could do is to have a great go searching your home to see if in case you have any objects or ornaments referring to the occult or witchcraft. It’s worthwhile to pinpoint precisely which objects you have got purchased not too long ago which can have sparked off these paranormal actions. There have been many circumstances in historical past the place the sufferer of an incubus or succubus assault has introduced into their house, or been given, an object – an merchandise which will have been cursed, and even been utilized in precise black magic rituals – completely unaware that that object could also be carrying darkish, malevolent powers. And if you happen to assume you have got discovered the doubtless supply of your hauntings, then the very best recommendation you may take could be to do away with that object instantly.

If, nevertheless, there are not any possessions in your house which you may moderately attribute to paranormal exercise, then the next move could be to analysis the historical past of your own home – that’s, after all, if in case you have not lengthy moved into the property and have solely simply began to expertise these night time demon assaults. It’s worthwhile to discover out the whole lot you’ll be able to concerning the place, both from official data or by making enquiries inside the neighbourhood: who had been the earlier residents, did they too undergo related sexual assaults from demonic entities, and so forth.

After getting strong proof that you just do certainly have an incubus or succubus haunting your own home, you’ll be able to then take the mandatory steps in the direction of driving out the entity for good. In case you a Christian, you should use all of your religion to make you robust, and name on the ability of The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ – with the help of a priest or an identical non secular chief – to command this evil entity to depart, to go away you alone in peace and by no means hassle you once more. As highly effective and threatening because the incubus and succubus might be, it’s actually not indestructible, and might fairly simply be vanquished, with the assistance of God and prayer, as simply as Devil himself might be.

If you’re not a Christian, then there are different strategies you’ll be able to make use of to expel your intercourse demon: aura cleaning with an skilled practitioner, a course of which entails “amputating” the wire that ties the entity to you repeatedly; Wiccan rites, that are good for charging the air with constructive power and eliminating the damaging power; and even psychic power employed by your self, beneath the steering of an skilled medium or psychic, which entails you summoning up all of your will energy and psychological power to disclaim the entity all entry to each your physique and your thoughts, with a view to ultimately inflicting it to go away your own home utterly.

Incubi and Sucubi can’t pressure sexual activity on an unwilling individual robust sufficient to withstand them. They will also be repelled by sure highly effective amulets, together with the Quabbalah amulet containing the Holy Angelic names Sanvi, Sansanvi Semnageolf.

So subsequent time you might be mendacity in mattress and are abruptly awoken, in the midst of the night time, by a chilly breath in your cheek, a lustfully wandering hand, or the stress of an unseen physique pinning you right down to the mattress, please don’t really feel too afraid, for given the strategies of safety I’ve highlighted, then you’ll be able to relaxation assured that this incubus or succubus assault in your physique shall be a – mercifully – transient one.


Source by Alan Toner

Haitian Vodoun Views on Demise and Dying


I selected to discover the tradition of Haitians who apply Vodou, a faith also referred to as Voodoo, Vodun, Vodoun, Voudun, and Yoruba Orisha.  I’ve simply returned from a trip within the Caribbean (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic), which shares an island with Haiti. Whereas there, I met a person from Haiti and was reminded of a weird expertise I had in 1998 after I was ridden by an orisha (loa) throughout an inner-city Christian church service. Thus, I believed this could make an attention-grabbing topic for this project. To make issues easier on this essay, I’ll seek advice from this group merely as Vodou or Vodoun.

Introducing Vodou and Haitian Tradition

Vodou is a Caribbean faith blended from African religions and Catholic Christianity. Lengthy stereotyped by the surface world as “black magic,” Vodoun clergymen and priestesses are additionally diviners, healers, and non secular leaders, who derive most of their earnings from therapeutic the sick quite than from attacking focused victims.

Vodou comes from an African phrase for “spirit” and might be immediately traced to the West African Yoruba individuals who lived in 18th and 19th century Dahomey. Nevertheless, its African roots might return 6,000 years. Right now, Vodou is practiced mostly within the nation of Haiti and in america round New Orleans, New York, and in Florida. Right now over 60 million folks apply Vodou all through the Caribbean and West Indies islands, in addition to in North and South America, Africa, and Britain.

Throughout days of slave commerce, this faith fused with Catholic Christianity. Due to this fact, on this present century, kids born into rural Haitian households are usually baptized into the Vodou faith in addition to within the Catholic church.

Those that apply Vodou consider in a pantheon of gods who management and symbolize the legal guidelines and forces of the universe. On this pantheon, there’s a Supreme Deity and the Loa-a massive group of lesser deities equal to the saints of the Catholic Church. These gods defend folks and provides particular favors by way of their representatives on earth that are the hougans (clergymen) and mambos (priestesses).

The Loa (additionally Lwa or L’wha) are spirits considerably like saints or angels in Christianity. They’re intermediaries between the Creator and humanity. Not like saints or angels, they don’t seem to be merely prayed to; they’re served. They’re every distinct beings with their very own private likes and dislikes, distinct sacred rhythms, songs, dances, ritual symbols, and particular modes of service.

Rituals, Behaviors, and Practices Related to Demise and Dying

Haitians who adhere to Vodou don’t take into account loss of life to be the tip of life. They do consider in an afterlife. Followers of Vodoun consider that every particular person has a soul that has each a gros bon ange (massive soul or common life pressure), and a ti bon ange (little soul or the person soul or essence.)

When one dies, the soul essence hovers close to the corpse for seven to 9 days. Throughout this era, the ti bon ange is weak and might be captured and made right into a “non secular zombie” by a sorcerer. Supplied the soul isn’t captured, the priest or priestess performs a ritual referred to as 9 Evening to sever the soul from the physique so the soul might reside at midnight waters for a yr and a day. If this isn’t achieved, the ti bon ange might wander the earth and produce misfortune on others.

After a yr and a day, family members of the deceased carry out the Ceremony of Reclamation to boost the deceased particular person’s soul essence and put it in a clay jar often called a govi. The assumption that every particular person’s life experiences might be handed on to the household or group compels Haitians to implore the spirit of the decease to quickly possess a member of the family, priest (houngan), or priestess (mambo) to impart any last phrases of knowledge.

The clay jar could also be positioned within the houngan’s or mambo’s temple the place the household might come to feed the spirit and deal with it like a divine being.  At different occasions, the houngan burns the jar in a ritual referred to as boule zen. This releases the spirit to the land of the useless, the place it ought to correctly reside. One other method to elevate the ti-bon-ange is to interrupt the jar and drop the items at a crossroad.

The last word objective of loss of life rituals within the Vodoun tradition is to ship the gros-bon-ange to Ginen, the cosmic group of ancestral spirits, the place it is going to be worshipped by members of the family as a loa itself. As soon as the ultimate ritual is finished, the spirit is free to abide among the many rocks and bushes till rebirth. Sixteen incarnations later, spirits merge into the cosmic power.

Listed below are another frequent behaviors related to loss of life within the Haitian tradition:

·        When loss of life is impending, all the household will collect, pray, cry, and use spiritual medallions or different non secular artifacts. Family members and associates expend appreciable effort to be current when loss of life is close to.

·        Haitians want to die at dwelling, however the hospital can also be a suitable selection.

·        The second of loss of life is marked by ritual wailing amongst members of the family, associates, and neighbors.

·        When an individual dies, the oldest member of the family makes all of the preparations and notifies the household. The physique is stored till all the household can collect.

·        The final tub is normally given by a member of the family.

·        Funerals are vital social occasions and contain a number of days of social interplay, together with feasting and the consumption of rum.

·        Relations come from far-off to sleep on the home, and associates and neighbors congregate within the yard.

·        Burial monuments and different mortuary rituals are sometimes expensive and elaborate. Individuals are more and more reluctant to be buried underground. They like to be interred above floor in an elaborate multi-chambered tomb which will price greater than the home during which the person lived whereas alive.

·        Because the physique is regarded as essential for resurrection, organ donation and cremation are usually not allowed. Post-mortem is allowed provided that the loss of life occurred on account of fallacious doing or to verify that the physique is definitely useless and never a zombie.

Like many Western Christian religions that use a figurative sacrifice to represent the consumption of flesh and blood, some Vodoun ceremonies embrace a literal sacrifice during which chickens, goats, doves, pigeons, and turtles are sacrificed to rejoice births, marriages, and deaths.

Vodou Beliefs about Afterlife

Practitioners of Vodou assume that the souls of all of the deceased go to an abode beneath the waters. Ideas of reward and punishment within the afterlife are alien to Vodou.

In Vodou, the soul continues to reside on earth and could also be utilized in magic or it might be incarnated in a member of the useless particular person’s household.

Communion with a god or goddess happens within the context of possession. The gods typically work by way of a govi, and typically take over a residing particular person. This exercise is known as “mounting a horse” throughout which the particular person loses consciousness and the physique turns into quickly possessed by a loa. A particular priest (houngan) or priestess (mambo) assists each in summoning the divinities and in serving to them to depart on the termination of the possession.

The gros-bon-ange returns to the excessive photo voltaic areas from which its cosmic power was first drawn; there, it joins the opposite loa and turns into a loa itself.


Every group of worshipers is impartial and there’s no central group, spiritual chief, or set of dogmatic beliefs. Rituals and ceremonies fluctuate relying upon household traditions, regional variations, and publicity to the practices of different cultures similar to Catholicism, which is the official faith of Haiti.

Some Haitians consider that the useless reside in shut proximity to the loa, in a spot referred to as “Beneath the Water.” Others maintain that the useless haven’t any particular place after loss of life.

Burial ceremonies fluctuate in line with native custom and the standing of the particular person. Some households don’t categorical grief aloud till many of the deceased’s possessions have been faraway from the house. Individuals who’re educated within the funeral customs wash, costume, and place the physique in a coffin. Mourners put on white clothes which represents loss of life. A priest could also be summoned to conduct the burial service. The burial normally takes place inside 24 hours.


Westerners, or so-called logical folks, would possibly discover Vodoun a wierd and unique combination of spells, possessions, and rituals. Like some other faith, its objective is to consolation folks by giving them a standard bond. Vodoun meshes surprisingly properly with Catholicism, the official faith of Haiti. With a supreme being, saint-like spirits, perception within the afterlife and invisible spirits, together with the safety of patron saints, Voodoo is not that totally different from conventional religions. 


Source by Yvonne Perry