Meet the Rag Doll Cat Breed

Meet the Rag Doll Cat Breed

Rag Doll cats first originated in 1960's from a non pedigree cat within the US. Ann Baker had a kitten from these cats litter and determined due to their affection nature and sweetness they have been worthy of their very own breed and created the Rag Doll breed. Ann additionally created her personal cat registry – the Worldwide Rag doll Cat Affiliation and trademarked the identify Rag Doll.

In 1981 the primary breeding pair was exported to the UK, they have been 6 month previous kittens associated to Lulu Rowley proprietor of the Petil-lu Cattery. Whereas nonetheless in quarantine a litter was born on the 26th July. Lulu and her good friend Pat imported one other eight rag doll cats assist increase their breeding base.

Rag dolls are floppy and docile in nature for the reason that identify, nonetheless trendy breeder try to breed out the docile trait as they really feel it may not be in the most effective pursuits of the cat. They’re well-known for his or her temperament, are extraordinarily laid again and dedicate their lives to their house owners. There have been as soon as believed to really feel no ache due to their nature, however assessments have proven that they really feel the identical quantity of ache as different cat breeds. They like plenty of consideration, and can all the time be with you whether or not that's in mattress or on the toilet. Rag dolls have been referred to as kids that by no means need to develop up and can make a toy out of something.

Just like the Maine Coon they’re a big breed of cat. Rag Doll Cats are available in simply 6 colours seal, chocolate, flame, blue, lilac and cream. The chocolate and lilac colours are tougher to amass. There are a variety of sample variations and these embrace: pointed, mitted and bicolour. The pointed sample is characterised by a single darker colour on the extremities, such because the nostril, ears, paws and tail. The mitted sample is just like the pointed with a number of additional function, that are a line of white that runs from their chin, down their stomach to their genitals, they should have white paws and chin. The Bicolour sample differs from the earlier two, with white legs and a inverted v form patten on the face. They may have a white stomach and infrequently white patches on their again.

Their fur is lengthy and whereas not but to matting they need to be groomed not less than twice per week, neglecting to groom with ever result in tangles and mattes.

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