Jumeau Dolls – Their Golden Age

Jumeau Dolls – Their Golden Age

The Jumeau Firm have been the best French dolls makers within the time of the world's best dolls. The latter half of the 19th Century was the golden age of doll making and France was at its heart. The world appeared to France because the masters of doll making and their dolls have been, and nonetheless are, essentially the most prized dolls amongst collectors.

The heyday of Jumeau got here in 1860's and 1870's. The manufacturing methods had reached their peak, the corporate have been innovating and altering their dolls to fulfill the wishes of consumers and their abilities had reached their pinnacle.

Jumeau and Bisque Dolls

In its early interval, Jumeau had made their dolls from papier mache or porcelain. However right now the brand new materials of bisque was being utilized in Germany to provide dolls extra readily and shortly than was potential for the French producers who have been nonetheless working in porcelain.

The pinnacle of the Jumeau Firm, Francois Jumeau, determined that he too ought to swap to utilizing bisque to make his dolls within the 1860s. This result in an enormous improve within the output of dolls. Every year noticed a rise within the variety of dolls the Jumeau firm have been making to an unpreceded quantity. Presently, Jumeau have been exporting their dolls and turning into world well-known for the standard of their dolls.

Jumeau Bebes Go Into Manufacturing

In 1874, Francios Jumeau handed over the reigns of the Jumeau firm to Emile Louis Jumeau. This modification noticed a shift within the design of Jumeau dolls. As much as that time, Jumeau had been making vogue girls (or 'poupees'). These dolls have been made within the picture of full grown ladies. Emile Louis Jumeau realized that younger women a lot desire to play with dolls that seem like little infants somewhat than these seem like ladies. In consequence, he shifted manufacturing away from poupees and in the direction of the brand new vary of Jumeau Bebes.

Jumeau Bebes was designed to look extra like infants (and more and more moved in that path as time went on). The Jumeau Bebes proved to be an enormous success and are nonetheless massively amongst doll collectors at the moment. With the transfer to Bebe dolls, Emile Louis Jumeau established Jumeau dolls as the very best high quality and mostought after dolls on the planet.

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