Indication of Evil and Demonic Possessions in Astrology

Indication of Evil and Demonic Possessions in Astrology

Evil and demonic possessions are the interference by earth-bound souls. There are two forms of possessions – one is because of a discarnate soul who interferes with a specific individual, and second is as a result of circumstances prevailing in a specific place, and which impacts any one that occurs to go there.

To understand a possession one wants some psychic powers. There are a selection of cases of astral interference in occult and spiritualistic world. By rigorously analysing one’s natal horoscope one could make an accurate analysis of the trigger and nature of the possession.

The place of the planets in a horoscope not solely serves as an assist to the analysis however is a vital information to remedy. A horoscope is to an occult therapist what an x-ray photograph is to a physician.

Elements Accountable For Possession

· Ascendant [its strength/weakness for general individual capabilities]

· Moon [for mental and emotional strength]

· Dragon head Rahu [for demonic interference]

· Mars [for violent and aggressive interference]

· Saturn [for evil and secret connections]

· sixth home [for cause and type of mental or physical illness]

Completely different mixtures for evil and demonic possessions

· Saturn and Rahu current within the quadrant point out possession or witch craft assault.

· Moon and Rahu current within the ascendant and Saturn and Mars current in fifth or ninth home signifies the native worship demonic or evil forces.

· Mars aspecting the ascendant and the sixth lord posited in 1st/seventh/10th home signifies that the native is affected by black magic or witchcraft.

· Ascendant’s lord and Mars are posited in ascendant or in quadrant point out evil psychic assault.

· Ascendant is of movable signal, Saturn current in seventh home, and the Moon is troubled by evil planet denotes interference of demonic and evil forces.

Source by Geeta Jha

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