Do not Fall For These 5 Demonic Possession Myths

Do not Fall For These 5 Demonic Possession Myths


On account of a number of films in recent times about demonic possession and exorcisms, the topics have gained in reputation.

Are they fictitious notions, merely a part of a scary Hollywood storyline? 25 years in the past, we thought so and naively assumed that when it comes to non secular vitality, solely God and optimistic vitality existed.

However after learning metaphysics for over 25 years and performing what we name Religious Detox (which has similarities to a depossession with out the non secular terminology, usually of Latin origin, of a Catholic exorcism) on ourselves and plenty of others, we’re satisfied darkish vitality and demons exist.

Misunderstandings in regards to the topic abound. Once we learn that Roman Catholic monks in Poland are launching the world’s first month-to-month journal about exorcisms, we had been hopeful that it might assist make clear the problems.

Sadly, we imagine the journal might do extra hurt than good. Listed below are 5 possession myths that the monks perpetuate within the technique of discussing their new journal.

1) The rise within the variety of possessions is because of an increase in capitalism and the occult. Blaming capitalism or the occult for extra possessions is like blaming dying on residing life or weight problems on consuming; it relies upon how you reside and what and the way a lot you eat.

In the event that they skilled the occult (which solely means “hidden data”) firsthand as a substitute of counting on rumour stemming from paranoid zealotry that dates again to the bloodthirsty Inquisition, they’d uncover that fortune-telling, together with tarot playing cards, astrology, numerology and different varieties, isn’t harmful and there’s no danger of possession from these historical non secular instruments. In actual fact, scary films pose extra danger.

Ouija boards and channeling can entice mischievous entities, however they’re simply prevented if one is aware of what they’re doing, and we don’t advocate novices use them. We advise avoiding black magic and spells, which current way more danger.

2) A depossession or exorcism ought to solely be carried out by a priest. There are numerous people who find themselves not monks who often carry out profitable depossessions. One of many extra profitable individuals on this subject is Sue Allen of the UK.

Non secular exorcisms observe a conventional course of that, at instances, recklessly forged out demons. We and others who do comparable deposession work imagine this may be harmful as a result of the entity can get lost and possess another person. As a substitute, we name in Angels of the Mild to assist information the troublemakers to the Mild.

three) “Genuine exorcism is completely freed from cost.” What the priest means is that genuine exorcism by monks is free. There are numerous professionals who can take away misplaced souls or darkish vitality however since they do that for a residing and do not have the help of a multi-billion greenback non secular enterprise behind them, in fact they should cost for his or her companies.

Sadly, there exist unscrupulous psychics who will inform a consumer unhealthy vitality is inflicting their misfortune, and that they’ll take away it for 1000’s of , then do little or no to repair the alleged downside. Keep away from them.

four) “Possession comes because of committing evil. Stealing, killing, and different sins.” In our expertise, we have discovered it is the reverse; one doesn’t all the time develop into possessed from “sinning” (although it is attainable), however those that are stealing, mendacity, or killing generally are possessed. We have found that individuals can develop into possessed from drug use, alcohol abuse, excessive feelings, bodily or sexual abuse, and surgical procedure.

5) Psychological sickness isn’t the identical as possession. We have discovered that psychological imbalances are sometimes brought on or made worse by entity attachment or possession, particularly in very delicate people. Sadly, many psychological well being specialists ridicule the concept of possession, but satirically, normally know little in regards to the topic.

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