A Mind for Sin and a Card for Business

A Mind for Sin and a Card for Business

 Feeling a bit craftier than usual, I signed up for the 2009 Creative Every Day project, the purpose of which is self-explanatory. I’ve actually been doing a good job of keeping up with it, from writing to cautious cooking attempts to thoughtfully rearranging my bookshelves. It’s been a creativity smörgåsbord over here at Chéz Evn, and I’m ready to get more ambitious… by designing my own business cards.

I’m not (that) ashamed to admit I’ve had a lifelong love affair with business cards. I collected them as a little kid, and on my seventh birthday, my parents gave me a photo album to display the several hundred I’d amassed. Soon after, calling cards became all the rage with the grammar school set, and I was thrilled when my mother dutifully whisked us off to the print shop.

My brother’s cards were decorated with footballs, while mine sported tiny rainbows. Because even then I was a big homo.

As an adult, I keep my professional business cards on me at all times, and I proudly hand them out to anyone who gets within twenty feet of me. But I’ve realized that a card announcing me as “Manager of Online Customer Support” doesn’t have quite the right effect at, say, a pub moot, or a psychic fair. Plus I don’t want the Pagans knowing my legal name. And I’d like to be able to list the more esoteric titles I’ve earned over the years:



Ordained Clergyperson

Honorary Adviser to the Archdruids

Second Horseman of the Geomantic Apocalypse

Notary Public

My credentials may be firmly established, but now I need a logo of some kind, and I’m not having much luck in that department. I found this nifty dancing devil which I like a lot–I’m thinking the end of the pitchfork could be worked into a stylized “E.” But then, most people don’t have the same nostalgia for devils that I do. I briefly considered using that famous woodcut of Robin Goodfellow, the upside being that it simply screams Witchcraft, and the downside being that it also screams “Look, a penis!” So maybe not so much.

I’m currently toying with the various symbols associated with Efnysien in the Mabinogion–cauldrons, bags of flour, dead horses–but nothing is really jumping out at me. So, Strifemongers, I humbly invoke your aesthetics: If you were my logo, what would you look like?

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