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It’s Getting Really Bad for Polar Bears

Talk radio fatheads can’t insist enough that “polar bears are just fine.” But scientists say that polar ice is melting faster than anyone had predicted and that it’s causing polar bears to starve. Yet, these same scientists say it’s not too late to act — for now.

Little Women in Big SUVs

“Affluenza,” America’s 50-year addiction to getting and spending, has reached pandemic proportions. Even Al Gore’s not immune. Think you won’t get it? Come follow a hypothetical soccer mom to see if you recognize any symptoms.

Is America Headed for a Rail Renaissance?

As high oil prices hurt drivers they also encourage businesses to move their freight from trucks to trains. Wall Street sees this as a big opportunity. It could be big for all of us who lust after trains too.

Enter the Dragon: China Becomes Top Global Warming Polluter

It seems like every day brings another way that China is beating the U.S. economically. This week, they passed us yet again. We should be scared. But there’s no cause to celebrate in Beijing or anywhere else — China’s carbon emissions threaten to overwhelm anything the rest of the world does to fight global warming.

Climate Change Heats Up the Religious

Are you tired of liberal-secular types — atheistic scientists, Greenpeace activists, blue state politicians — saying that global warming is a problem? Now, even more religious folks are getting hot about climate change. Some are just stoking the hellish fires of denial and confusion. But others bring an inspiring light that could be humanity’s salvation.

Cutting Carbon: Will the Mountain Come to Monbiot?

British journalist George Monbiot — you might call him the Bill McKibben of the U.K. — is calling for bigger carbon cuts to be made more quickly than almost anyone else. And he’s just put out a book showing that it can be done. Now he says that all we need is a huge worldwide activist movement to make politicans buy it.

Obama: Eco Saint or Friend of Coal?

Sure, all the other major Democratic candidates support some use of allegedly guilt-free coal. But Obama gives more than lip-service: he’s got a bill in the Senate calling for billions in taxpayer subsidies to Big Coal. Now, greens are finally challenging Obama’s saintly image.

Summer Features

Declaring Independence from Wal-Mart

By Erik Curren. Like King George III, Wal-Mart has perpetrated a long train of abuses and usurpations on the American people. After years of being on the defensive, local businesses are fighting back. This time, history might just be on their side.

Why Food Co-ops Matter

By Alisha Huber. Sure, they’ve been around for a while. But today’s food co-ops are transforming people and communities.

North America, Water and Global Warming

By Chris Wood. If climate change dries up U.S. water supplies, will we try to grab Canada’s water?

Making Energy Conservation Sexy — Really

By Erik Curren. Saving energy is the best way to fight global warming. There must be a way to make it fun.